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This repository contains Helm charts managed by Adfinis.


Install the Helm chart repository

helm repo add adfinis

Available Helm charts

cert-manager-issuers chart

Version: 0.x App version: 1.x

Configure cert-manager Issuers and ClusterIssuers via Helm


hedgedoc chart

Version: 0.x App version: 1.9.x

Chart for HedgeDoc, a fork of CodiMD


keycloak-operator chart

Version: 1.3.x App version: 25..x

Deploy Keycloak Operator and Keycloak


rbac-definitions chart

Version: 0.x App version: 1b.x

Deploy rbac-manager RBACDefinitions via Helm


Argo CD app-of-apps charts

Our Argo CD app-of-apps Helm charts all implement the Argo CD app-of-apps pattern. The charts deploy Argo CD Application resources and enable configuring multiple related or “work well together” apps. To do this they combine Helm repository URLs with chart names and “tested” versions of the charts. In most cases some examples of how to configure individual apps are also provided. Please reference our app-of-apps documentation for more in-depth information.

Chart Description Version
argo-apps Argo CD app-of-apps config for various argo project components Version: 0.x
azure-apps Argo CD app-of-apps config for Azure applications Version: 0.x
backup-apps Argo CD app-of-apps config for backup components Version: 0.x
infra-apps Argo CD app-of-apps config for infrastructure components Version: 0.x
logging-apps Argo CD app-of-apps config for logging applications Version: 0.x
misc-apps Argo CD app-of-apps config for miscellaneous small tools Version: 0.x
security-apps Argo CD app-of-apps config for security applications Version: 0.x
storage-apps Argo CD app-of-apps config for storage applications Version: 0.x
tracing-apps Argo CD app-of-apps config for tracing applications Version: 0.x

more charts

Chart Description Version App Version
argoconfig Configure Argo CD AppProjects an… Version: 0.x  
back8sup Deploy back8sup to a Kubernetes … Version: 0.x App version: 0.x
barman Chart for Barman PostgreSQL Back… Version: 0.x App version: 2.1.x
caasperli Deploy Caasperli to a Kubernetes… Version: 0.x App version: latest
cert-manager-monitoring Monitor cert-manager with cert-m… Version: 0.x  
common Common chartbuilding components … Version: 0.x App version: 0.x
csi-secret-provider-class A Helm chart to create a SecretP… Version: 0.x App version: 0.x
customer-center Chart for Customer-Center applic… Version: 0.x App version: 3.3.x
kubernetes-etcd-backup Chart for kubernetes-etcd-backup… Version: 1.1.x App version: 1.0.x
mopsos Deploy Mopsos to a Kubernetes Cl… Version: 0.x App version: 0.x
openshift-etcd-backup Chart for openshift-etcd-backup … Version: 1.8.x App version: 1.8.x
osschallenge Chart for OSS-Challenge application Version: 0.x App version: ed.x
vault-auth A helm chart to install the vaul… Version: 0.x App version: 0.x
vault-monitoring monitor your vault server from w… Version: 0.x  


This Helm chart repositories code may be found on GitHub at adfinis/helm-charts.

We track issues with this chart repository in the issue tracker.

We expect you to always create an issue prior to creating a new chart. This helps us discuss the merits of it before you put the effort into creating the chart.

About this repository

Adfinis fights for a software world that is more open, where the quality is better and where software must be accessible to everyone. This repository contains part of the action behind this commitment. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


This Helm chart collection is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 3 of the License.